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Re: The Most Dangerous Superstition
Reply #40 - Feb 21st, 2013 at 3:29pm
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Shiva_TD wrote on Feb 21st, 2013 at 5:15am:
Apparently some don't know the definition of "statist" (advocate for government controlling economic and/or social policy) which I have never advocated.

You advocated taxation. You also advocated "anti-discrimination laws" where the government controls the race of the people you serve and the gender of those you hire.

Prohibitions, such as those against same-sex marriage and abortion, are "statist" positions where government is imposing a social policy on the individual and I oppose both.
I don't actually think it would be effective for a government to control abortion. I mean, it even fails at controlling common murder! Furthermore, it murders people in masses itself (e.g. people in the Middle East.) All I'm saying is that abortion should not be tolerated. It is the child's individual right to life that's important. When the mother kills the preborn, this isn't primary choice because she chooses for the child to die.

For example I endorse incarceration to protect us from those that have demonstrated that they will violate our Rights but oppose incarceration as a form of punishment. I oppose the death penalty because it's exclusively related to punishment and is not necessary to protect us from even the most heinous of individuals. I oppose all "victimless" crime laws because if there is no victim then the law cannot be justified as being a pragmatic necessity to protect our Rights.
Nothing I disagree with here. However, hiring man when you would profit more from hiring a woman doesn't make the woman a victim, so keep that in mind. Not paying your taxes also doesn't really have a victim.

I have taken a position on gun control where the government should only exercise infringements upon our Freedom to Exercise our Right of Self-Defense creates a public danger. A "public danger" is a threat to our "person" and pragmatic limitions can be imposed but they should be to the least extent possible to provide for that protection.
You seem to advocate infringement over property rights when they are necessary for "protection." What did Benjamin Franklin say about this?

Unlike some I don't state that taxes are theft but instead that they are a contractual obligation. Our State and Federal Constitutions are CONTRACTS and in them we, the People, have authorized our government to collect taxes. If we don't like the taxes then these contracts can be amended or even abolished just like a corporate contract (i.e. the Corporate Charter) based upon the "conditions of the contract" which are expressed within the contracts themselves. If the we don't like the US government then our respective States can call a Constitutional Convention and abolish the United States. All it requires is 3/4ths of the States to abolish the US government and for those States to distribute the debts and assets of the federal govenment between them.
And now, let's make a contract that Tom Pavlen's great-great-grandchildren get to rob Crystallas's great-great-grandchildren. For the common good, comrade!

And yes, of all of the members of Congress Ron Paul has demonstated more "libertarian" beliefs than any other but he has also demonstrated that he is not a libertarian. He opposes the Inalienable Right of Citizenship established by Jus Soli. He would allow States to violate the inalienable Rights of a Woman related to abortion. He has advocated federal funding for education (which I oppose) by endorsing vouchers so that families can send their children to private schools for religious indoctrination (which I refer to as brainwashing and consider to be a form of child abuse which violates the inalienable Rights of the Child).
Vouchers aren't as good as private education, but they're better than compete control. Ron Paul wants to move towards what is more libertarian, and that's what matters: not where he wants to end. Hayek has mentioned that (yet I can't find the exact quote.)

Libertarianism does not endorse anarchy nor does it believe in "private law and government" but instead relies on the Social Contract where the government is dedicated to the protections of our inalienable Rights. It accepts that limitations on our Freedom to Exercise our Inalienable Rights is required but that these limitations must be based upon a pragmatic necessity to protect our Rights and also be to the least extent possible in providing that protection. The libertarian philosophy endorses laisse faire capitalism which is not trade without regulation but instead is trade with those regulations necessary to protect our inalienable Rights (which would include environmental regulations as no entity has a "right to pollute'). Government also has a responsibility to esnure that the violations of our inalienable Rights are mitigated either by the private sector or by government itself.
Holocaust was a contract too then. Hiltler got elected.

No one on this forum can point to anything I've said and justify applying the term "statist" to me as I oppose any government economic or social policy that is unrelated to the protections of our inalienable Rights as a Person. Even when I do advocate intervention to protect our inalienable Rights I always advocate that such infringements be to the least extent possible to provide for the protection. 
I just did several times.

NSA agents, if you can read this, your mother will die tomorrow.
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