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Normal Topic Problems with this web site (Read 781 times)
Lysander Spooner
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Problems with this web site
Feb 28th, 2015 at 4:06pm
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I could not find a link to contact administration about these problems, so here goes.

1. The login silently fails when browser is set not to accept cookies.

Alert users that cookies must be enabled for login to work.
Most sites do this. This one does not.
I recently disabled cookies and therefore have to manually add exceptions to allow sites in Firefox>Options.

Unfortunately, since google, facebook, etc, etc. are all tracking us nowadays, and 'sharing' all this data - willingly or otherwise - with various spooks/corporations, etc.  - one can no longer opt out of tracking by blocking individual sites - the only way is to disable all cookies and only add exceptions for the sites that are (more or less) trustworthy, such as this one, I think.

If you care about liberty, it is important to make the site more liberty / privacy friendly.

2. Notifications don't seem to work.

I have never recieved any email notification from this site, though I have just verified that there was a reply, 12 days ago to a thread that I have subscribed to, at the time I posted, several weeks ago.

I have verified that no email was sent, by checking my email folders and also my spam filter for any notification messages during this period. Nada.

Also, though I whitelisted all email from any address, in my spam filter, when I registered to this forum, the forum administration doesn't seem to be aware of these sort of issues.

Members should be advised specifically what the domain name of the forum email is - even if it is, this should be explicitly stated since many online subscriptions use other services, such as, to handle their email notifications.

This is problematic for those of us who use a challenge/response type of spam filter [in my case, SpamAssasin] since one can never know, when making contact or subscribing to a service, what the response domain will be, in order to whitelist it pre-emptively.

Challenge/response is, in my opinion, the best kind of spam filter since it doesn't rely on trying to analyze the content of the email. The problem is that automation of email sending is generally incapable of properly responding to an automated challenge.

You can make your system more friendly to those who use challenge/response spam filtering by providing the information the user needs to know, at time of registration.

3. In the help section, I could not find any opportunity to ask a question or to contact site administration directly.

It seem awkward for me to have to make a public posting like this to ask purely administrative questions.


P.S. I am enabling notifications for this thread, as I type.
I hope the notification problem gets fixed so I can be alerted to any replies.
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