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Re: freeing school
Reply #150 - Sep 15th, 2018 at 6:46pm
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AlayneLeung wrote on Sep 15th, 2018 at 5:30pm:
108, have sprinklers in every classroom to extinguish fire(s);

109, to raise more money for public education, a fee of five cents per minute of very violent entertainment (like Dragonball Z episodes) broadcasted is beneficial and higher fee is much more beneficial;

110, perhaps let local school officials decide criteria for "student(s) schedule(s) swapping", so basically if student(s) has or have good grade achievements of course(s), then they can skip said course(s) for hour(s) of day(s) to go to other course(s) in other classroom(s) during respective hour(s) of respective day(s);

111, a tax or fee on fictional violent related words that are to go through Echelon to compensate for Echelon slowing can be of great benefit for educaring (public education or private education or religious education);

112, (from chip burcham): have Arabic taught in all preK through high school schools because on Sunday morning of 26th day of August of 2018, i had asked friendly spirits if: 1, evil spirits were created from distress of violence in Iraq, and if said evil spirits had caused John McCain's brain cancer; and 2, if so, then should Arabic language be taught in schools to try to discourage said evil spirits from being mean, and instantly I had a vision of John McCain instantly appearing in front of my mind's eye of which he had said to me, "Damn it! Yes!"

113, optionalize studying of prime numbers so that more worthwhile studying can be achieved;
If I've correctly learned the lessons about the NAP that the lizard has been trying to teach me,  all of that sort of thing is prohibited to pure libertarians by the NAP, which means you'll have to get "progressive" people to teach all the lessons and install the sprinklers, and that will cost way more...
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