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Words we can use to communicate ideas more easily
Jul 7th, 2019 at 10:04am
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Open womb policy. The idea that any kind of babies is allowed to get in irrelevant of historic parasitism of their parents. Open womb policy is similar to open border policy. The difference is that the new “immigrant” enter the country through a different border, namely, their mom’s saggy thingy. Each baby is more dangerous than their normal immigrants. That’s because each baby gets citizenship and full taxpayers’ support. Around 18 years after hatching the cradle to grave welfare parasite often vote for even more heinuous high taxes policy hurting their taxpaying hosts ensuring bankcrupty of their nation.

Super Open Womb Policy: Pro life. Even crazier than libtards’ open womb policy. It’s equivalent of kidnapping Mexican on welfare and force him to live within border. Often followed with huge complaining and bitching how those people they forcefully bring in, and treated as sub humans, and jailed, and shot, and disdained, cost too much tax, promote socialism, and pretty much join united libtard alliance. It’s basically digging one’s own grave and blaming the hole that gap open.

Eugenic Vetted birth. Very dangerous because all governments currently are complete idiot when it comes to capability to decide which one is parasitic. In general, inferior people tend to see those superior than them as inferior parasites to be exterminated. It’s basic humans’ instinct to get rid tougher competition. That being said, properly done, the effect is like vetting immigrants, which is a sensible things to do. Competition among states and profit incentive among states can also improve governments’ common sense in picking the right policies. Eugenic can be achieved through normal market mechanism. Just eliminate welfare for a few years and I bet productivity among those that are born will improve.

Taxtuorry rape. Happens when a welfare mom pretty much crappity smack over taxpayers by taking advantage of liberal open womb policy. The taxpayers, incapable of consent, are forced to financially support the child with higher taxes. This then complete cradle to grave welfare parasites life cycle. Once the future liberal commie hatches, it’s pretty much too politically costly to exterminate them. Their mom then continually pop commies out of her womb like machine guns ensuring the bankcruptcy of their taxpaying comrades.

Offensive: True. People call something true offensive. Usually, it happens when the truth interfere with their lies, including lies they tell themselves to maintain illusion of little dignity they still have as slave to majestic welfare parasites.

Sample: Bob: Women are sex objects. Charlie: That’s offensive.

Democrap: Libtard alliance. Those where abnormals and missfits minorities to tend to ally with each other. Often supported by almighty tech entrepreneur that can’t be taxed. While demanding bigger and bigger welfare, we often can reason with them because they are reasonable. Just too greedy. Believe in science and evolution theory. Have too much compassion or like to pretend to. They want to improve workers’ by supporting many policies that hurt the most productive workers. For example, they keep demanding huge income taxes to prevent workers from moving on to the business world.

Republican: Alliance of normies right wingers. They think normal is good and everyone should strive to be normal. Heterosexual enough to get women but not too much that they want more than 1, for example. Usually middle to middle upper classes that haven’t figured out how to legally avoid most income taxes. Demands unusually unrealistic morality and traits from most humans. Expect people to be super moral based on various illogical nonsense and principles. Used to be worse than Democrap with their religious right. Now, more and more are effectively libertarian right which are the most reasonable voting group in all democratic country.
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