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Off Topic and Spoiler Alert: Review of "El Camino."
Oct 13th, 2019 at 11:27am
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I love the show, "Breaking Bad" and its spin-off "Better Call Saul."  So I had to watch the Netflix movie that continues the story of Jesse Pinkman, last seen speeding away from his crime gang captors in an El Camino, with nothing but the very hot car, the dirty clothes on his back and a gun.

The plot was reasonable, but highly predictable.  He visits his old friends Badger and Skinny Pete (of course).  His friends nurture him, help him clean up, give him clothes and some pocket scratch and send him on his way in a less hot car.  A little boring, but worth it to see how he turns out.

Now the movie goes south.

In an extended - very extended - flashback, we learn that while in captivity, Jesse was taken by Todd, the dead-eyed redhead sociopath, to Todd's apartment for help with a cleanup.  Todd has killed his housekeeper because she found where he keeps his cash on hand and of course, he "can't have her knowing."  Yet he doesn't at all mind telling Jesse where he keeps his money.

Jesse is under Todd's complete control even though, his shackles are off, he's in public, Todd is an idiot and Jesse has learned to play the angles in the short game from Heisenberg Himself.  This control comes from a death threat against the son of Jesse's former girlfriend.  Even when Jesse gets ahold of Todd's gun, he gives up his chance to kill Todd and escape because of that threat. 

I had a  hard time buying that motivation.  But even harder was buying Jesse Plemons in 2019 playing Todd in 2013.  Yes, it was obviously the same actor, but six years made a yuge difference in his appearance.  The actor was thirty-one, but he could have easily played forty-one.  He looked more like my brother at forty, thickening face and torso, slow moving and not at all like the homicidal Todd of 2013.

There are flashbacks with Mike Ehrmantraut, Jane his dead girlfriend, and of course Heisenberg Himself.  They also looked older, but each of their flashbacks are brief.  The flashback with Todd-who-doesn't-look-like-Todd takes up an interminable amount of screen time.  Like this rant, it goes on and on.  It pulled me right out of the show.

Then ending was purely derivative of the ending to Trainspotting.  Hero goes through an adventure in finding Todd's cash, having it taken away and then taking it back from other criminals.  At the end we see him going down the road on the way to Normal Town, Alaska with a nest egg and a new identity. 

If this is a pilot for a new series, "Pinkman in Alaska" or whatever, I'll watch it.  But only if there is no more Fat Todd flashbacks.

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